We’re all struggling

Hi, my name is Brently and I miss people😭⁣⁣I haven’t posted anything really in regards to COVID-19. Partially because it still doesn’t seem real. Partially because it’s affected me more than I care to admit. ⁣⁣The reality is, this hurts. I’m an extrovert, an enneagram 2, and I feel called to serve others. Dustin oftenContinue reading “We’re all struggling”

Have a team focus outside of sports

You may not be a football fan, and that’s okay. But I think we learn important lessons through sports. Today, my family and I sat and watched an emotional Saints game. I know there’s a lot of people who don’t understand that, but there is a lot of pride for the team who represents yourContinue reading “Have a team focus outside of sports”

It doesn’t all end at 21

I turn 22 today. People often say after your 21st there’s not really another monumental birthday. After that, you dread each one because it’s a sign you’re getting older. But quite honestly, I don’t dread getting older. That may just have something to do with my being a wife and mother so I feel anywhereContinue reading “It doesn’t all end at 21”

We all are worthy, even dads

The other day, I was scrolling through social media and I came upon a shared status that essentially degraded fathers. It talked about how fathers have no real claim to their children and how they will never understand what it means to take care of a child. It talked about how mothers are sent straightContinue reading “We all are worthy, even dads”

The problem with social media

I remember being a preteen and loving social media. It’s so cool that you can share your thoughts and feelings and your every move with all your friends and family…until 8 years later when you see it on your memories and end up kicking yourself for ever posting about the “funny” conversation you had withContinue reading “The problem with social media”

A note to 15-year-old me

Lately, I’ve been really reflective on my teen years. While this is titled “A note to 15-year-old me,” it’s really to all teenage girls, who sometimes feel as though you don’t belong. First and foremost, hear me when I say, your parents will be your greatest advocates, and you simply just don’t know everything. AlsoContinue reading “A note to 15-year-old me”