The blessing of true fellowship

In efforts to be transparent, I’m going to share something with you, my friends. I have started this blog post again and again, but I always become a little overwhelmed (or a lot overwhelmed) and I quit. Like, what did I do to deserve such a supportive and loving group to do life with?  Continue reading “The blessing of true fellowship”

To my toddler, love Mommy

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that sometimes Mommy becomes frustrated and I fail to keep it together. I’m sorry that no matter how many times I tell myself I’m going to give gentle parenting a try, I fail and have to start over. I’m sorry that I don’t always count to 10 before responding to you.Continue reading “To my toddler, love Mommy”

The Branch family’s story of faith

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, which means this topic is so important to discuss right now. When the sweet Snead family asked me to write about this topic and my family’s experiences, I was so honored. Summarizing the journey my family and I have faced is far from easy but I feel itContinue reading “The Branch family’s story of faith”

Choosing a life of intent

Hi friends! I’m so excited to start contributing to this blog. Since I’m the new kid on the block, I thought I’d kick things off by sharing a little bit about myself and what intentional living means in my life.   For those of you who don’t know me, I’m 22 years old and IContinue reading “Choosing a life of intent”

We all are worthy, even dads

The other day, I was scrolling through social media and I came upon a shared status that essentially degraded fathers. It talked about how fathers have no real claim to their children and how they will never understand what it means to take care of a child. It talked about how mothers are sent straightContinue reading “We all are worthy, even dads”

Elizabeth Biles: Choosing natural

I have put off writing about this for over a year now and I am not even sure why.  I use the typical excuses; I don’t have the time, I don’t have anything to say, my story isn’t special.  Then, finally, I grabbed my bottles of Frankincense and Orange essential oils, turned on my birthContinue reading “Elizabeth Biles: Choosing natural”

How we view marriage matters

Last night, Dustin and I cuddled up together in bed, we gave each other good night kisses and exchanged ‘I love you’s, and then we prayed together. I wish I could say this was a nightly routine for us, but in all honesty, there are many nights that we don’t go to bed together orContinue reading “How we view marriage matters”

Finding peace in the Father

Two years ago, I sat alone at home while Dustin was at work. I was supposed to be going over to our neighbor’s house to hang out and have a girls’ night, but before that, I had to do one thing. I had been sick for a week and I thought I’d figured out why.Continue reading “Finding peace in the Father”

The value of a good church

I personally think there’s something incredible, almost overwhelming, about watching people arrive at church. Dustin and I have started doing bits and pieces more to help around the church, and part of that is arriving early. Last Sunday, I sat in my pew, the same pew I always sit in towards the back, and justContinue reading “The value of a good church”