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We let fear talk us out of doing crazy, exciting things. Sometimes, we even let fear talk us out of doing the small, little things. I want to own my own business. Psh..that's not a real job. I'm going to take control of my health. Yeah, but why? You're not intelligent enough to do so.... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts 17 years later…

I wish I had something profound to say on this Tuesday evening, but in all reality I don’t.   I was young when 9/11 happened. I didn’t understand it then, and I don’t understand it now. I think we all sometimes question why God would let bad things happen. And that doesn’t just go for... Continue Reading →

The Power of Sleep in a Restless World

September is self-care awareness month and in honor of that Brently and I wanted to feature the different ways that we implement self-care in our lives. Just as we advocate wellness in our physical and spiritual health, we strongly believe in being intentional about our mental health. We can only run on the dregs for... Continue Reading →

A note to 15-year-old me

Lately, I've been really reflective on my teen years. While this is titled "A note to 15-year-old me," it's really to all teenage girls, who sometimes feel as though you don't belong. First and foremost, hear me when I say, your parents will be your greatest advocates, and you simply just don’t know everything. Also... Continue Reading →

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