A month full of thankfulness?

It has been a month since I have sat back and poured into this blog. Actually, it's been a month since I've truly taken time to reflect on all that has been going on for our family. We're in a season of chaos... Actually, I feel like mine and Dustin's relationship has always included chaos,... Continue Reading →

Take the journey

We let fear talk us out of doing crazy, exciting things. Sometimes, we even let fear talk us out of doing the small, little things. I want to own my own business. Psh..that's not a real job. I'm going to take control of my health. Yeah, but why? You're not intelligent enough to do so.... Continue Reading →

What you say and do matters

Last week, I had a couple of really rough, bad days. You know the kind of days I'm talking about, where you are just frustrated and nothing seems to go "right"? I didn't put much thought to the image I portrayed throughout the day, I acted on my emotions. But since then, I've felt quite... Continue Reading →

Changes at The Snead Tribe

Sometimes we get big dreams and we don't know how to tackle them. Sometimes we think we have a brilliant idea but we don't know how to execute said idea. We believe wholeheartedly that God has given us the ability to dream and to use those dreams to bring glory to Him. On that same... Continue Reading →

Sometimes God says no

Sometimes an opportunity you think is going to be really wonderful isn't what God has in store for you.   Sometimes God says no and you feel a little extra heart broken, and that's okay.   Disappointment hurts. Rejection is hard. Failure is never easy to accept. And when all the hours you have put... Continue Reading →

The other day, I was scrolling through social media and I came upon a shared status that essentially degraded fathers. It talked about how fathers have no real claim to their children and how they will never understand what it means to take care of a child. It talked about how mothers are sent straight... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Biles: Sixteen hours of worship

Miss the first part of her story? Hear about Elizabeth's decision to choose natural here.  As I neared my last few days of pregnancy, I packed my bags (obviously including a separate bag just for my diffuser and oils) and stayed with my in-laws as they lived significantly closer to where I would be delivering... Continue Reading →

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