{Just shy of} a year later

It has been just shy of a year since I shared my heart on this platform, which is bizarre since I have always found comfort in writing. The truth is, the analytics that everyone always tells us to pay attention to can be disheartening. Blogging and social media has become a competition; not something toContinue reading “{Just shy of} a year later”

Starting the new year strong

It’s funny, isn’t it? How we build up the end of the year to this one big moment where the clock strikes twelve, you kiss your love (or dog…), shout out “Happy New Year” and then go to bed? You have family traditions like black eyed peas and cabbage and a day of relaxation. YouContinue reading “Starting the new year strong”

May your home speak words of abundance

Do the decorations in your home represent who you are? No, seriously, do the items that you choose to decorate your home in truly speak to who you are as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, Christ follower, etc.? I mean, y’all, I love Hobby Lobby I wish I could bring the entire store homeContinue reading “May your home speak words of abundance”