Stop instilling false fear

I was you. I laughed at the thought of using essential oils to support my health. I thought it was silly that someone could be so concerned about what they’re putting on their skin. I thought it was unnecessary to worry about what you clean with since the goal was to get rid of germs.Continue reading “Stop instilling false fear”

Top 5 blog posts of 2018

If you have known me for awhile, you know that I used to be the least sentimental person EVER. But then my heart grew three sizes and I became an emotional fruit basket. (Full disclosure: I don’t actually know where that phrase came from but my sister and I used to call my mom thatContinue reading “Top 5 blog posts of 2018”

Signs of trafficking in students

Warning: This blog contains mature content and may make some audiences uncomfortable. Make sure to read the first post of the series, “What is human trafficking — and why should I care?”   When I have conversations about human trafficking, I often hear phrases similar to “it’s terrible what happens in other countries” or “I’mContinue reading “Signs of trafficking in students”