Stop instilling false fear

I was you. I laughed at the thought of using essential oils to support my health. I thought it was silly that someone could be so concerned about what they’re putting on their skin. I thought it was unnecessary to worry about what you clean with since the goal was to get rid of germs.Continue reading “Stop instilling false fear”

I miss it, but I don’t…

There’s nothing quite like being sick and spending days in bed to drive you straight into a reminiscent state. ⁣⠀⠀⁣The truth is, I miss it. ⁣⠀⠀⁣I miss the long naps cuddling together. ⁣⠀⠀⁣I miss our long hours together that required nursing and changing diapers and lots of learning on both ends. ⁣ The truth is,Continue reading “I miss it, but I don’t…”

Starting the new year strong

It’s funny, isn’t it? How we build up the end of the year to this one big moment where the clock strikes twelve, you kiss your love (or dog…), shout out “Happy New Year” and then go to bed? You have family traditions like black eyed peas and cabbage and a day of relaxation. YouContinue reading “Starting the new year strong”

Do the hard things

Do the hard things. I wish people gave each other that advice more. We as a society always say things like, “Follow your dreams,” and “Do your best work,” and “Don’t give up,” but rarely — if ever — have I ever been told to do the hard things. We as a society have becomeContinue reading “Do the hard things”

Finding freedom from the shackles of time

Let’s face it, society has glamorized the busy, hustle and bustle lifestyle that we are all too accustomed to. Our society has taught us that time equals money, but isn’t that such an abstract idea? We’ve put a dollar value on something that is more valuable than what’s sitting in our bank account. Because theContinue reading “Finding freedom from the shackles of time”

The Power of Sleep in a Restless World

September is self-care awareness month and in honor of that Brently and I wanted to feature the different ways that we implement self-care in our lives. Just as we advocate wellness in our physical and spiritual health, we strongly believe in being intentional about our mental health. We can only run on the dregs forContinue reading “The Power of Sleep in a Restless World”

Live in the Season

August is always such a season of change. With the start of the school year we wave goodbye to summer sun and family vacations. My own family recently celebrated a wedding, several birthdays and a baptism. So it should have come as no surprise to me when I woke up this week and felt aContinue reading “Live in the Season”

Intentional wellness is more than physical health

Sometime, somewhere, we were told that beauty is synonymous to skinny. Sometime, somewhere, we were told that if we wanted to be worthy or good enough, then we had to be a certain size. Sometime, somewhere, we stopped caring about health and wellness, and started focusing all too much on a single aspect of aContinue reading “Intentional wellness is more than physical health”

Elizabeth Biles: Choosing natural

I have put off writing about this for over a year now and I am not even sure why.  I use the typical excuses; I don’t have the time, I don’t have anything to say, my story isn’t special.  Then, finally, I grabbed my bottles of Frankincense and Orange essential oils, turned on my birthContinue reading “Elizabeth Biles: Choosing natural”