The Secrets of My Heart

It has been a long time since I shared my thoughts with this blog. And it is an even rarer occurrence that I share my poetry with other eyes, let alone with a public forum. Usually, that is because I’m hyper critical of my own work and almost never consider my work “finished.” But thisContinue reading “The Secrets of My Heart”

I miss it, but I don’t…

There’s nothing quite like being sick and spending days in bed to drive you straight into a reminiscent state. ⁣⠀⠀⁣The truth is, I miss it. ⁣⠀⠀⁣I miss the long naps cuddling together. ⁣⠀⠀⁣I miss our long hours together that required nursing and changing diapers and lots of learning on both ends. ⁣ The truth is,Continue reading “I miss it, but I don’t…”

To my toddler, love Mommy

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that sometimes Mommy becomes frustrated and I fail to keep it together. I’m sorry that no matter how many times I tell myself I’m going to give gentle parenting a try, I fail and have to start over. I’m sorry that I don’t always count to 10 before responding to you.Continue reading “To my toddler, love Mommy”

Finding freedom from the shackles of time

Let’s face it, society has glamorized the busy, hustle and bustle lifestyle that we are all too accustomed to. Our society has taught us that time equals money, but isn’t that such an abstract idea? We’ve put a dollar value on something that is more valuable than what’s sitting in our bank account. Because theContinue reading “Finding freedom from the shackles of time”

Don’t silently kill your family

We are all so glued to our screens these days. I get it some of us must use a screen to work or for school. Even right now I am using a screen to right this post. But is all this screen time good for us, is it helping us live intentionally, or is itContinue reading “Don’t silently kill your family”

May your home speak words of abundance

Do the decorations in your home represent who you are? No, seriously, do the items that you choose to decorate your home in truly speak to who you are as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, Christ follower, etc.? I mean, y’all, I love Hobby Lobby I wish I could bring the entire store homeContinue reading “May your home speak words of abundance”

Intentional living requires balance

This has been a week. Actually, it’s insane to think that school just started on Monday. I’m sure we are all well aware of how hard it is to get into a good routine that makes day to day life a little easier, especially when one has a toddler.   You see, when we firstContinue reading “Intentional living requires balance”

We all are worthy, even dads

The other day, I was scrolling through social media and I came upon a shared status that essentially degraded fathers. It talked about how fathers have no real claim to their children and how they will never understand what it means to take care of a child. It talked about how mothers are sent straightContinue reading “We all are worthy, even dads”

Finding peace in the Father

Two years ago, I sat alone at home while Dustin was at work. I was supposed to be going over to our neighbor’s house to hang out and have a girls’ night, but before that, I had to do one thing. I had been sick for a week and I thought I’d figured out why.Continue reading “Finding peace in the Father”

The value of a good church

I personally think there’s something incredible, almost overwhelming, about watching people arrive at church. Dustin and I have started doing bits and pieces more to help around the church, and part of that is arriving early. Last Sunday, I sat in my pew, the same pew I always sit in towards the back, and justContinue reading “The value of a good church”