A month full of thankfulness?

It has been a month since I have sat back and poured into this blog. Actually, it’s been a month since I’ve truly taken time to reflect on all that has been going on for our family. We’re in a season of chaos… Actually, I feel like mine and Dustin’s relationship has always included chaos,Continue reading “A month full of thankfulness?”

The blessing of true fellowship

In efforts to be transparent, I’m going to share something with you, my friends. I have started this blog post again and again, but I always become a little overwhelmed (or a lot overwhelmed) and I quit. Like, what did I do to deserve such a supportive and loving group to do life with?  Continue reading “The blessing of true fellowship”

Take the journey

We let fear talk us out of doing crazy, exciting things. Sometimes, we even let fear talk us out of doing the small, little things. I want to own my own business. Psh..that’s not a real job. I’m going to take control of my health. Yeah, but why? You’re not intelligent enough to do so.Continue reading “Take the journey”

Do the hard things

Do the hard things. I wish people gave each other that advice more. We as a society always say things like, “Follow your dreams,” and “Do your best work,” and “Don’t give up,” but rarely — if ever — have I ever been told to do the hard things. We as a society have becomeContinue reading “Do the hard things”

To my toddler, love Mommy

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that sometimes Mommy becomes frustrated and I fail to keep it together. I’m sorry that no matter how many times I tell myself I’m going to give gentle parenting a try, I fail and have to start over. I’m sorry that I don’t always count to 10 before responding to you.Continue reading “To my toddler, love Mommy”

Finding freedom from the shackles of time

Let’s face it, society has glamorized the busy, hustle and bustle lifestyle that we are all too accustomed to. Our society has taught us that time equals money, but isn’t that such an abstract idea? We’ve put a dollar value on something that is more valuable than what’s sitting in our bank account. Because theContinue reading “Finding freedom from the shackles of time”

What you say and do matters

Last week, I had a couple of really rough, bad days. You know the kind of days I’m talking about, where you are just frustrated and nothing seems to go “right”? I didn’t put much thought to the image I portrayed throughout the day, I acted on my emotions. But since then, I’ve felt quiteContinue reading “What you say and do matters”

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

I’ll admit to having a certain level of pride in my independence. I enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing I can accomplish something on my own. But like my favorite podcast, Journeywomen, likes to remind me — we don’t live our lives in a solitary bubble. Our stories are rich with all kinds ofContinue reading “Don’t be afraid to ask for help”

Some thoughts 17 years later…

I wish I had something profound to say on this Tuesday evening, but in all reality I don’t.   I was young when 9/11 happened. I didn’t understand it then, and I don’t understand it now. I think we all sometimes question why God would let bad things happen. And that doesn’t just go forContinue reading “Some thoughts 17 years later…”

The Power of Sleep in a Restless World

September is self-care awareness month and in honor of that Brently and I wanted to feature the different ways that we implement self-care in our lives. Just as we advocate wellness in our physical and spiritual health, we strongly believe in being intentional about our mental health. We can only run on the dregs forContinue reading “The Power of Sleep in a Restless World”