{Just shy of} a year later

It has been just shy of a year since I shared my heart on this platform, which is bizarre since I have always found comfort in writing. The truth is, the analytics that everyone always tells us to pay attention to can be disheartening. Blogging and social media has become a competition; not something to do for fun but rather something used to create a comparison between ourselves and others.

Quincy Louise Mae
September 28, 2020
12:41 p.m.

In a year’s time, we faced a global pandemic and welcomed another member into our family (I should really write out my childrens’ birth stories some time). In a year’s time, my husband applied for his dream job and recently received the job offer he has been waiting for. In a year’s time, I have felt broken and mended and broken again. And yet, so much remains the same.

I won’t promise to right her regularly or on a schedule. I might go another year without sharing (but more likely not). The truth is, my heart has been missing this for some time and I think I need this. Not for you, but for me. Not for the numbers that offer validation (I know that my true worth comes from the Lord) but for the release that comes with sharing.

I am praying for growth in 2021 and that I will find my rhythm as a disciple, wife, mother, entrepreneur, friend… all the roles that I take on and that I love fulfilling. If you know me, you know that I choose a word each year, and this word is no different. Last year’s word was “still” and I got far more than I bargained one, so I have no doubt that this year will be a true learning experience as I embrace the word “change.”

And with that thought, I’ll end my ramblings here. Hopefully I’ll write again soon…

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