We’re all struggling

Hi, my name is Brently and I miss people😭⁣

I haven’t posted anything really in regards to COVID-19. Partially because it still doesn’t seem real. Partially because it’s affected me more than I care to admit. ⁣

The reality is, this hurts. I’m an extrovert, an enneagram 2, and I feel called to serve others. Dustin often jokes that I love others through having people over and feeding them food, but the truth is that fellowship is something I crave. ⁣

These past few weeks have been incredibly long and I wish it could all end tomorrow. And I don’t really have a reason for sharing this other than for you to know that, we’re all struggling in our own way. And while we take comfort in knowing that we will come out on the other side, it’s okay to not be okay right now. ⁣

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