Stop instilling false fear

I was you. I laughed at the thought of using essential oils to support my health. I thought it was silly that someone could be so concerned about what they’re putting on their skin. I thought it was unnecessary to worry about what you clean with since the goal was to get rid of germs.

And then, one day out of the blue, something clicked.

I’ll never judge you because I was you, but sometimes I wish we asked questions and did research instead of instilling fear into others. I wish we were willing to ask questions instead of mocking others.

There’s research out there that explains how toxins in so many of our personal care and beauty products are harmful and can affect our body systems. There’s research that suggests women who work within the home are more likely to develop cancer because of the pollutants inside the house. And, my family is proof as to how effective oils can be.

We so easily become fearful the “unknown world of essential oils” because of misconceptions and our own willingness to accept the status quo. It’s true, it’s not regulated (but neither are your beauty products so…) but there are companies out there who are working their tushies off to make sure their oils are of the highest quality.

I am NOT suggesting you blindly follow and use oils recklessly.

I am also NOT denouncing all forms of modern medicine.

What I am saying is that you are your best advocate. Your doctor, chiropractor, etc. will never know your body as well as you do. They also should not be the ones dictating all of your health decisions. One of my all time favorite resources when it comes to holistic health and wellness is Lindsey Elmore. If you’ve ever wanted to see some quality research and explanations on essential oil uses, she’s your girl!

So, I challenge you to be brave. Do your research. If you’re already conscious of your nutrition, look at the stuff you’re putting on your body and into your environment. And, if you ever want to ask questions, do it!

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