Make it to church

*I originally posted this on Facebook/Instagram but I thought maybe you needed to hear this, too!

This is pretty much how we spent most of our weekend. Warren had a tummy bug Friday and spent yesterday recovering. This is also the one weekend Dustin was out of town. If I’m being honest, this weekend exhausted me. I had a ton of excuses as to why not to go to church. ⁣

And yet, we woke up this morning, ate breakfast, got ready, grabbed a coffee on the way, and showed up at church. Not because I felt obligated but because I knew that, even if I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and tired, there’s a place for me among my brothers and sisters. ⁣

Y’all, don’t make excuses. You’ll always be tired and the kids will always make the mornings 100x more stressful than they need to be, but that’s why we attend church. There’s a safe place, a sense of fellowship. There are 100 people who can relate to you but they, much like you, have a desire to be there and know what it’s like to have a relationship with Jesus. ⁣

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