Girl, stop “washing your face”

This is going to be a very unpopular opinion, and I’m okay with that…⁣

I was there. I read the book and I bought into it. ⁣

I fell prey into believing that I am in control and that what others think of me should never matter. I believed the lie that I should be my own hero and that I must do it on my own. ⁣

I bought into a ton of lies and it’s taking some serious Jesus time to repair that hurt. ⁣

Because here’s the deal. Here’s the part we’re all failing to understand and that we keep putting side. ⁣


Actually, it’s quite the opposite. And you can’t be a Christian and put yourself on that kind of pedestal. ⁣

The fact is, the hero in your story is Jesus Christ. ⁣

The fact is, while you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s some truth in what others think of you. If you’re not living a life worthy of God, a life that accurately represents the Savior, then you should probably check yourself (myself included). ⁣

The fact is, I’m not in control of it all. I made the decision a long time ago that I wouldn’t try to hold onto and hoard the reins but that I’d let God steer and I would follow where He called me. ⁣

I know we all want to be successful women. We all want to be strong and independent, but the fact is we are called to be dependent on Him. Never did God promise to not give us more than we could handle because we aren’t supposed to handle it alone. ⁣

Girl, I will wash my face. But not before I fall on my knees, ugly crying, praising the Lord who loves me and tells me I am worthy. Not before I praise Him for all He has given me. Not before I recognize that I did nothing, and I mean nothing, to deserve what I have. ⁣

It was Him. It will always be Him.

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