Have a team focus outside of sports

You may not be a football fan, and that’s okay. But I think we learn important lessons through sports. Today, my family and I sat and watched an emotional Saints game. I know there’s a lot of people who don’t understand that, but there is a lot of pride for the team who represents your home state and all the things you’ve stood for.

My point isn’t to pout because, quite honestly, that loss was hard but it’s part of the game. Actually, my point is that we come together so well when there’s a big game on but we struggle to make connections in our day to day life. How stinking sad is that?

I’ve seen so many awesome things about communities coming together to celebrate these games. And while that’s beautiful, I question why that isn’t more of a priority for us. It’s a fact that humanity does better when there’s fellowship, when we’re communicating with others. We thrive in companionship because we weren’t made to do this alone.

So, please, by all means, cheer on your team. But also recognize that the get-togethers don’t have to stop after February 3rd. Teams don’t stop with sports; there are all kinds of teams. Come together. Do life with others. And cheer each other on.

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