Love yourself always

I vividly remember when I was in the sixth grade and a girl who is a few years older hardcore laughed at me because of my eyes. ⁣

I was standing there, waiting for my mom to come pick me up, and she looked at me, chuckled and said, “Your eyes are practically black.” ⁣

Never until that point had I minded my brown eyes, but for the next few years I secretly disliked them. Why couldn’t I have beautiful green eyes, or crystal blue eyes? ⁣

It’s funny how something that used to give me so much grief now is one of my favorite things about myself. Actually, I think I’d look funny if I had green or blue or even hazel eyes. I guess God knew what he was doing when he gave me brown eyes 😉⁣

But really, I should admit that I think about that day often. Because now, 10+ years later, I realize how silly it was that I let someone’s opinion about me rule over my own opinion for years and years. ⁣

Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will like your style. Not everyone will appreciate your eye color as much as you do. And that’s okay. But it’s not okay to not love yourself. It’s not okay to give people such power. It’s not okay to harbor those feelings for years and years until you finally deal with them. ⁣

God created you. He created you in His image. He knit you together. He knows you personally and He loves you so dearly. Take rest in that today.⁣

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