Isaiah 58:11

Sometimes, I think I fail to share things here for one reason or another. “It’s too short” or “it’s not ‘good enough,'” though I’m not sure what makes something enough. So, in 2019, I want to be better at sharing things that may be come off as less than perfect. Perhaps you need this today…

“The Lord will always lead you, satisfy you in a parched land, and strengthen your bones. You will be like a watered garden, a spring whose water never runs dry.”

Isaiah 58:11

I think we sometimes discount Isaiah. Like, we use the words because they sound pretty but in reality we don’t soak them in, think them over, let them actually change our hearts.

God makes so many promises to us, and sometimes I think it’s easy to doubt those promises. Or better yet, to assume those promises only ever applied during that timeframe. Well, can I just share this with you?

He is present. He is with you. He hasn’t left you nor will He ever leave you. He, and He alone, will satisfy every need you ever have. He, and He alone, will satisfy that uneasiness that resides in you day after day after day. Because His peace is the only true peace you will ever find. It goes deeper than a feeling and there’s a point where you come to rest in Him. It doesn’t erase all the worry or anxiety that comes with this world, but there’s a contentment that takes over.

Guys, the Lord literally pours out His love for us and promises good things for those who love and follow Him. Take that to heart. You will never run dry. You will always be provided for. He is a provider. He is the supreme gardener as he prunes us and prepares us for good works. Lean into Him.



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