A month full of thankfulness?

It has been a month since I have sat back and poured into this blog. Actually, it’s been a month since I’ve truly taken time to reflect on all that has been going on for our family.

We’re in a season of chaos… Actually, I feel like mine and Dustin’s relationship has always included chaos, and we choose daily to simply embrace it. Except sometimes, it is really hard to embrace.

The last month has been overwhelming. We’re preparing for big and new things in life. We’ve been traveling a lot and rest has not been present a lot in our family.

So here we are, in the middle of November and a mere 10 days away from Thanksgiving. I wish I could say that I’m enveloped in the spirit of thankfulness, but God has actually been working hard on this heart of mine, to humble me and make me more aware of those things around me.

Actually, I have been in a pretty rotten mood lately. Rather than pressing into the Lord, I have been going through the motions and simply doing life. Rather than trusting in His plan and trusting in His ways, I’ve been trying to handle things myself. And rather than taking in each day and living life for the moment, I’ve been far too focused on the past and the future.

Basically everything I share about and encourage others to do, I’ve been pushing to the side. And how do you encourage others when you’re feeling so much apathy about life yourself?

So today, I am committing to be more conscious of my attitude, and to be more thankful for those things around me.  I’m committing to do what I’ve preached to others for over a  year now — to be more intentional and to live with that in mind.

To help work through this, I’ll be sharing short posts over the next 10 days of things that I’m thankful for. It’s not an all encompassing list, obviously, but it’s a small way to remind myself and others that despite the chaos, God has blessed us so incredibly much.




Want to join me? Use #TSTThankfulnessChallenge on Facebook or Instagram


Comment on each post daily. 

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