Do the hard things

Do the hard things.

I wish people gave each other that advice more.

We as a society always say things like, “Follow your dreams,” and “Do your best work,” and “Don’t give up,” but rarely — if ever — have I ever been told to do the hard things.

We as a society have become complacent ; we want the easy way out, and my heart breaks for all of us with that mindset. I think about my son and the lessons that we are teaching him. He’s a toddler that is full of curiosity, and I truly pray that he never becomes afraid of the hard things.

I pray that he grows big and strong and never fears the challenges ahead of him. I pray he experiences failure and it forces him to revise, rethink, and move forward. I pray all of this and so much more for my pure, curious little Warren.

But I also pray this for my friends…for my family…for my church…for my husband…and most of all, for myself.

Yes, I pray that as I grow older that I don’t fear the unexpected, the challenges ahead, or the hard things that I want to do and accomplish.

Last Saturday, I did two 5Ks in one day. While that doesn’t sound like much at all to others, I hadn’t trained like I should have and I wasn’t mentally prepared for the second of the two which had 25 obstacles to complete. Why does any of this matter?

I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that moment of, ‘Wow I’m not really sure I can do this,’ and you push through those moments, that’s when you have a breakthrough.

Marissa Mayer

It was hard. I was anxious and I let the negative voice within my head take over and it took me far too long to get excited about being there. I was a mess. And all I could think about afterward is that I had done it. Despite my own self-destructing thoughts and words, I overcame and accomplished what I set out to do.

Sometimes I think we think self care has to be going out with the girls or having a spa day when in all reality, sometimes self care is just positive talk over ourselves and reminding ourselves that we are capable.

So, I pray that you do the hard things in your life and that you don’t live in fear of it. I hope you know that you are worthy and loved and cared for and that you can accomplish great things when you keep positivity at the forefront of your mind…

Oh Lord, I just pray all of this and so much more for those of us who sometimes struggle to remember that our purpose in this world is so great.



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