Intentional wellness is more than physical health

Sometime, somewhere, we were told that beauty is synonymous to skinny. Sometime, somewhere, we were told that if we wanted to be worthy or good enough, then we had to be a certain size. Sometime, somewhere, we stopped caring about health and wellness, and started focusing all too much on a single aspect of a single piece of our health: our weight.


We, as a society have taken a liking to body shaming all together; either someone is too thin or too thick, and we ignore what it means to actually be healthy and well. We have picked out only one aspect and emphasized it to the point of people hating themselves and we then neglect our overall wellness and fail to love ourselves and others as we should.


One of my many goals for intentional living is intentionally investing in the wellness of myself and my family, and that meant I had to recognize that being healthy is a journey, never an end point. If we’re to live a Christ-centered life, then we have to look at ourselves as Christ has designed us and then do everything we can to continually work toward that individual. In that light, if we’re going to live a life that emphasizes wellness, then we must take a holistic approach in which we focus on all six aspects — emotional, occupational, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social.


A year ago, I didn’t recognize the changes that were occurring but over time I have seen a shift in my mindset. Do I still look at old pictures of myself and envy that old body? You bet. But the fact is, if I’m so out of touch with God and I’m not checking and managing my emotions, then it doesn’t matter if I’m in the best physical shape of my life because my overall wellness will still suffer.


The truth is, this isn’t new information. We all know that if we’re not taking care of ourselves emotionally and we lack motivation to do things then we feel less productive and less enthused about life. We know from studies that a holistic approach to wellness rather than simply focusing on the physical side is better for us long term.

You see, we like to separate the various aspects of wellness and neglect some, and we fail to see how they impact each other. My prayer for us all is that we start being intentional in all aspects of our lives, in all aspects of our wellness, and that we lead abundant lives through that. That may mean redefining our priorities, and it certainly means a shift in mindset, but it’s so worth it when we look big picture rather than honing in on that one piece of us we just can’t stand…

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