Changes at The Snead Tribe

Sometimes we get big dreams and we don’t know how to tackle them. Sometimes we think we have a brilliant idea but we don’t know how to execute said idea. We believe wholeheartedly that God has given us the ability to dream and to use those dreams to bring glory to Him. On that same note, we believe that sometimes you have to fall down a few times before you walk.

We started this blog a year ago and we thought we knew what we wanted out of it. We thought we had this grand plan, but we came to realize that it was not God led. Since then, we’ve been praying for guidance and today, we’re excited to share our “relaunch” with you all…

So what kind of changes can one expect?

No longer is it limited to family and all about the Snead family (though we’re undoubtedly interesting…) but the focus is now more on  intentional, joyful living that is Christ-centered rather than just family life. So while you’ll still see a lot of content about how we use Young Living products, you’ll also get to peek behind the curtain and follow us through the highs and lows of faith, family, and wellness. We’ve also used this time as an opportunity to build and are thankful to include a new contributor and content creator, our own Jo Jo! She’ll be giving her insight on intentional living from the perspective of a single, Christian woman.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will each share with you what intentional living means to us and how we try to implement it in our daily lives.

As part of our relaunch, we’ve created a new Facebook page to help us reach more people with our story. You can follow that page here. Continue to check-in with our Instagram feed for more of life’s craziness! We’re excited for this next step in our journey and we hope you follow along with us.

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