We all are worthy, even dads

The other day, I was scrolling through social media and I came upon a shared status that essentially degraded fathers. It talked about how fathers have no real claim to their children and how they will never understand what it means to take care of a child. It talked about how mothers are sent straight from God and it essentially said quite the opposite about fathers. I’ll give it to them that not all fathers are perfect and that some are absent, but there are mothers out there that do the same thing.img_0594-e1529438176549.jpg

So, a note to my husband and all the fathers out there who refuse to be defined by these types of posts…

You’re seen, and you’re heard. Your love and dedication to your family is admirable. Thank you for being willing to sit alongside us mothers and take on the endless tasks that come with parenthood. From a mother who lives in a perpetual state of tiredness, thank you for picking up the slack and for being okay with carryout or cooking on occasion.

Thank you for being willing to wake up in the middle of the night and allowing tired mamas like me to sleep in for a bit on the weekends. Thank you for park days and the laughs and giggles that the kiddos have when you play with them. Thank you for never seeing it as a “sacrifice” when you are pouring into your babies, even when you could be out with your friends.

Thank you for being a godly man who loves your children. I know it’s easy for others to beat you down but please know that God handpicked you for this duty. I know it’s hard and I am sure you see it written on my face, too, but thank you for joining me on this journey. Thank you for never being afraid of a challenge, even when it’s covered in poop. (Go parenting!)

Thank you for not pinning it all on the mom. Because that is a lot of pressure and I cannot imagine having to do it all day everyday by myself. I know those who surround you feel so much gratitude for you even if it isn’t always expressed.

Thank you.


I write all this because we live in a society where people are not heard but rather judged. We live in a world where it’s easier to put someone down than to lift them up. It’s seen as acceptable to attack others for living differently. And I sit here begging you to stop. Because the comparison of a wife and husband or mother and father or two totally different individuals will never be “fair.”



Until next time,

Dustin Snead 

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