Finding peace in the Father

Two years ago, I sat alone at home while Dustin was at work. I was supposed to be going over to our neighbor’s house to hang out and have a girls’ night, but before that, I had to do one thing. I had been sick for a week and I thought I’d figured out why. I waited the three minutes the packaging suggests, praying during that time that God take care of us. I leaned over the sink, saw the little plus sign, and almost fainted.



I remember crying. Not out of fear, though in retrospect I was afraid, but out of pure shock. I quickly cleaned myself up and then headed over to my friend’s. We laughed and talked and all I could think about was telling Dustin.


Two years ago, as my husband and I walked home from our neighbor’s house, I shook. I had made a cute card to give Dustin to say the words I knew I couldn’t muster. We walked in and I pulled him into the bedroom (we had a friend living with us at the time), I handed him the card, and I put on my best smile. I watched as his face went from confused to smiling within seconds, and I remember whispering, “You’re going to be a dad.”


We celebrated quickly in that moment with little discussion and then put it away. Later that night I remember laying in bed asking what he thought. We had a long talk and it ended on two positives: One, we’re excited. Two, we’re blessed.


Looking back, we didn’t know what was to come. We didn’t know how greatly we would be blessed. We didn’t know that two years later we’d be preparing to move into a nice home with an 18 month old in tow. All we knew was it was happening and that God was going to hold us through it.



Today, I’m reflecting and thinking, how awesome would our lives be if we had that kind of faith in all areas of life? I remember having peace at that time and though life was not easy and there were so many things happening at one time, we were confident that we were exactly where God wanted us. We rested in Him.


So, today, my challenge to you, is to rest in Him. Trust and know that He has great plans for you and that whatever you’re struggling with today is never too big for the Father who loves you and made you exactly who you were meant to be.

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