How “Little Baby Bum” has blessed me

We all have that show. The show that our child must watch over and over and over again. Perhaps it’s a children’s movie, or a show with 5 seasons that you’ve been through a time or two. Ours, in this household, is “Little Baby Bum,” a series of cartoons with sing-a-long nursery rhymes and learning songs.


I’ll preface this by saying that this show gets on my nerves more than you care to know. Sometimes, I turn it off because I honestly think I am going to lose my sanity and have to be admitted somewhere in the event that the show doesn’t end that second. But, and we say this all the time, Warren is only little for a little while. When I think on it like that, and I start to reflect on it all, I realize there are a few things that this monotonous and frustrating baby show has taught me…


I learned a lot of nursery rhymes wrong. Okay, perhaps not wrong, but they are definitely not how I remember them. Also, most nursery rhymes don’t have any closure and you’re just left to fill in the blanks. How dangerous is that? Then again, I guess it all works out because we don’t even recognize that until we’re 21 and listening to it for the fifteenth time. Probably the most valuable lesson is, “learning songs” is code for songs that count to 10 over and over and over again using the same melody with different animals.


And all of this is silly and totally not helpful. But, you know what is helpful?
“Little Baby Bum” has taught me that we can find happiness in the simplest of things. Sometimes it is beyond easy to just fall into a slump where we just feel defeated and we don’t see any positives. Through a silly baby show, Warren reminds me that there’s no need for that kind of attitude. We have a little boy with quite the temper. He gets easily frustrated and sometimes just screams. And then, he turns and looks at this silly show playing silly songs, and it’s all lost. His smile returns and it’s as though all is right in the world. I don’t think getting frustrated is ever bad, but carrying it with us for an extended period of time can be so toxic, so let’s take note.


More importantly, “Little Baby Bum” forces me to recognize that it is totally okay to be crazy and loud with our little ones. There’s something magical about dancing and laughing with Warren and getting to listen to his giggle. My heart swells and it’s one of those moments that you wish you could just pause time and savor it. Because, when I look back on this time of my life, I will never regret crazy dancing as a family while a show that drives me absolutely insane plays in the background.
One day, I’m sure I’ll miss hearing all the nursery rhymes and learning songs.


I know for a fact I will miss watching my little boy dance and listening to him “sing” with each song. I know that one day, I will turn that show on, and he won’t want to watch anymore. And I know that that day will break this mama heart just a little bit. So, for now, I will embrace each and every time that he comes to me and, with his perfect brown eyes, says, “TV” and points to his all time favorite…


Brently Snead

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