Meet Mr. Snead, Part Two

534879_361317007247658_1326647192_nWe left off on a brief overview of the middle school days…and then came high school. Where I went out for the soccer team with some of my closest friends and didn’t think I would get any playing time because there were 12 seniors on the team. And let me remind you this is a high school where there are around 60 kids in each graduating class, and I am the fourth generation that will be graduating from there. At this age I am also starting to realize how much of an alcoholic my step father is, as I sit up at night listening to him and my mom fight for hours. At my dad’s house they are super focused on my little brother and so I find my comfort through attending youth group at my church.


Though I had been involved in the youth group throughout middle school, I really became involved in high school.  I loved Sunday night youth group meetings where a bunch of seniors from my high school attended so I felt like I knew some older kids that I would see in the halls at school. I loved my youth pastor, and he is still one of my favorite pastors. The most memorable thing from youth group was my second mission trip, which was actually right before I started high school, and would be one of the biggest tests of my faith. But I shall save that for another blog post.


I ended up starting on the soccer team after like the third game of my freshman year. I got decent grades in classes and joined student council. My mom and step dad still did a lot of fighting and drinking. My dad and my stepmom had another baby. I joined FCA and became a leader. I continued to play soccer, and go to youth group.


551057_650328061643896_1108096108_nThen Christmas break of my junior year my life would make another big change. I went to a lock in at my cousin’s church, where my uncle was their youth pastor. I didn’t really want to go because I only knew my family at that church, but I went anyways because one of my friends told me to go just to see if I could get any girls to like me (HA!)


At the start of the night, I hung out with my cousin and stayed close. Eventually, I started talking to some people and played some pool with a couple of people. Then I started to talk to this one girl who I thought was sort of cute and she was nice, but I knew I was only going to see her this one night so nothing really mattered. But then we hung out the rest of the night and I sort of ditched my cousin. Let’s just say that it was the start of a long lasting relationship and I’ll tell my side of meeting my wife in a full blog post another time…


12508_10152657052439207_4260020457248992321_nHigh school went on as it was. I was captain of the soccer team, a FCA leader, a youth leader at my church, and an older brother at home. When college planning came up I had narrowed it down to two schools — Southwest Baptist University to play soccer or University of Central Missouri to be closer to my girlfriend. Both were very bad reasons to choose a college but that was what I had decided. I did not make the SBU soccer team so UCM it was and I moved an hour away from my girlfriend. We had spent almost two years living across the state from each other so this was a big deal for us.


To sum it all up, we got engaged a few months after I started college while she was still in high school. We struggled through our engagement with me trying to “live the college life” and not giving her the attention she deserved. But it all worked out and we got married in the summer after my first year.


And, I think I am going to end it here. I want to be able to do the last three years of my life in greater detail, so look forward to that in the near future. I hope this showed a little bit of who I am and what sort of family I came from. I hope it also gives you some context for any future posts that I write and lets you see deeper into what The Snead Tribe is all about.


Until next time,

Dustin Snead

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