Tips for mamas on Jesus time

Something I have struggled with since having Warren is finding the time to just sit and be still and soak in God’s word. It sounds like it should be easy — just do it in naptime, right? However, what you learn very quickly as a new mom is that by the time naptime comes around you either have a hundred things to get done like dishes or vacuuming, or quite frankly you are in need of a nap just as badly as the little one is. Nonetheless, I’ve compiled a few tips on how to make time, and maximize that time, with Jesus.


Wake up early. Now, raise your hand if you laughed reading that because I sure did. I am not a morning person in the slightest, and being a student/mom/wife/EIC/etc. forces me to treasure every moment of sleep. On the flip side though, I know that without Jesus, there’s a chance I’m not making it through all the various roles that fill my day. And for that reason, I have an alarm set everyday rather than waiting for Warren to wake up. This isn’t full proof because sometimes he wakes up earlier than 7, but if he isn’t up, it gives me a chance to sit down with my coffee and Bible and just soak in some of God’s Word.


Don’t get held up on the how. I love journaling during my time but something I had to realize is that this isn’t always an option. Sometimes I’ll come back at the end of a long day and do that journaling post-bedtime, but nonetheless I’ve already sat down and had some time reading and talking with God. Ultimately my point here is be flexible. Sometimes you might have an entire hour to read/write/pray and praise God for those days, but other days it may just be reading and praying without the full-blown journal entry, and that’s okay. This also goes for those of you who want to be in a specific spot at a specific time. I love consistency and routine as much as the next person, but sometimes you may be doing your reading at the kitchen table while eating breakfast with the little one watching TV in the living room. That’s okay….


Be patient. Sometimes, our little ones need us just a little extra so it can be difficult to get to our study time in. In those moments, have joy. Before long, he/she will not need you and you’ll miss these days, so use these opportunities as a way to praise God for the little on in your arms and simply be present with them. Sometimes we get so caught up on the how that we forget that God is present in all the everyday messes too, and that’s a perfect time to reflect on His word, the Words hidden away in your heart, and just breathe.


Include your little one.

This one is my favorite, even if I do only have a 13 month old who has no clue what I’m saying 90 percent of the time. I enjoy doing my time on the couch or at the kitchen table with him running around because it’s my happy time that puts me in a positive mood. Sometimes, little man is a little extra curious and wants to join mama, and never will I say no, even when it can be tempting. I want him to know what mama is doing and many moons from now I want him to be able to look back and see those moments as examples for him. It’s also a great time to pour into little man. Sure, I may shift gears a little bit and start reading the typical children’s stories (i.e. Noah’s Ark/David and Goliath/etc.) but it doesn’t take away from my own personal growth. Part of my job as mama is to train up my children in the way of the Lord, and if that’s how I’m going to do it, that’s okay with me.



Our time with the Lord is so critical to who we are and how we live, so I highly encourage you to invest that daily time, even if it’s just five minutes each morning. What kind of tips do you have for spending time with Jesus when life is crazy? Also, what devotionals do you recommend?


Brently Snead

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