2017…Our Year in Review

IMG_4087We walked in to my final OB-GYN appointment on Wednesday, January 11, 2017. I was miserable, passed due, and all around tired. The next day, we arrived at the hospital at 6 a.m. (who knew such a time existed?!) to begin the eviction process. And, at 5:35 p.m. on January 12, 2017, Warren Gabriel Snead was born.

In February, I endured one of the most heart wrenching times in my life and found out my middle school/high school best friend had passed away. Makayla had a way about her in which you knew she loved Jesus, and I find comfort in knowing that we will meet again soon, but not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. Also in February, we celebrated my big sister’s 30th birthday. It was a blast, and fun was had by all! It made me realize just how thankful I am for her and I am honestly so blessed to be her little sister.

img_0587.jpgIn March, we celebrated Warren’s first crawfish boil AND Easter, all in one swift weekend! Yes indeed, we spent the weekend with my family where we attended the annual crawfish boil which is held every year on the Saturday before Easter, and then we attended church Sunday morning. Warren obviously enjoyed every moment of it.

In April, Dustin and I attended a Royals game at Kauffman Stadium, a first for him! I was glad to be able to have this experience with him HOWEVER, the highlight of the night was having our picture on the big screen at the K.

In May, we traveled to Kansas City for one cousin’s graduation only to dash across the state to St. Louis where we attended another cousin’s graduation party and then spent Mother’s Day at a Cardinals game. I’m not Cardinals fan, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and it was a day well spent with my two favorite men.

In June, we took a family vacation with our framily to FLORIDA! The 17 hour drive was well worth it and Warren honestly traveled like a champ. We were able to relax and have fun as a family, and it was just an overall good week.


beach warren

In July, we celebrated Warren’s first Fourth of July in St. Louis! We attended a parade, had a great family meal with my in laws, and enjoyed fireworks as a family. Warren had a difficult time with some of the loud parade noises at the beginning, but ended the parade with a nap. Also, he enjoys fireworks!IMG_2129

Post Fourth of July was a scary time as a close family friend, and a man I see as a second father, was placed in the hospital with a pretty severe illness. We weren’t sure what the outcome would be, but our God is faithful and he made a miraculous recovery. Because, God is good, y’all!

September, Dustin and I decided we wanted to delve into Young Living. Soo, we did. We ordered our Premium Starter Kit on September 2 and here we are four months later in love with the company and their products. By far one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our family.

October was a fun yet busy month. It was on October 25 that I received notice that I would be  the next editor-in-chief for The Index. At the time, I was overwhelmed but I knew that it was exactly where God wanted me to be, and I am incredibly excited for this next semester. Also, Dustin and I were lucky enough to attend the NASCAR race at Kansas City Speedway in October with my father and little brother. My daddy new how important it was for me and y’all, I stood less than TWO FEET from Dale Jr.’s car. Yes, I’m still dying a little from the experience… Perhaps an even more entertaining time in October was Warren’s first Halloween in which he dressed up as Scooby Doo and Dustin and I along with some good friends dressed up as “the gang”. We always say we miss our childhood so why not enjoy this time with our little one?!

November was a rather difficult month but it was a nice break as well. The week before Thanksgiving, we traveled to Louisiana to be with my mawmaw as she had surgery. During the trip, we were able to spend some time with my childhood best friend (who got to meet Warren for the first time…) and catch up with some other family members. Though the trip was stressful and not necessarily for the best of reasons, it was much needed and much enjoyed. We then spent the week of Thanksgiving in St. Louis celebrating with Dustin’s family. We celebrated his grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary and it was the first Thanksgiving we’d spent in St. Louis since we’d been together.

IMG-7963.JPGWe finished the 2017 fall semester the second full week of December. Throughout the month, we celebrated Dustin’s 22nd birthday, Warren’s first Christmas, and my 21st birthday, all leading us to where we are now – the beginning of 2018. I’m thankful for the support our family and friends have provided during this first year of parenthood. Our little man has no clue how loved he his, and we will never be able to thank you all enough for that.

Now, here’s to 2018!

With Love,

Brently & Dustin Snead 

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