Be Still…

I’m a high stress and busy kind of person. I am always doing something, and I feel like I am always running behind and overwhelmed. I feel like I will never be good enough or busy enough and I will never accomplish everything I need to do before my head hits the pillow. Today, Warren shared a nice reminder with me, and I want to share it with you…

Today, for the first time ever, Warren crawled up into my lap, started watching Scooby Doo, and fell asleep on me. No fussing, no fighting sleep, just a simple rest on me. I moved once to go lay him down so I could get work done but he clung to me and my mama heart just couldn’t let him go.

IMG-7419In that moment, I found rest. I found myself filled with a peace that can only come from the One who knows and offers true peace. The work will be there when he wakes, but right now he needs me. How thankful I am that in the same way, God always holds me when I need Him. It’s so easy to give myself over to this world and all I have invested in it, but God calls us to be still and remain in Him. God is always at work, and sometimes our busyness interrupts that work. We zone in on the current task, the current stress, and we fail to see the big picture.

I’m thankful for this time, this silence, to just rest in Him and to talk with Him.

I’m thankful for this time to pray over my little man, over our family, and for our future.

I’m thankful for his gentle reminder that life is chaotic but that’s not how it is intended to be.

I’m thankful for a God that is greater than I, Who changes lives and loves us despite our flaws. 

“Now therefore, stand still and see this great thing which the Lord will do before your eyes…”

1 Samuel 12:16

This moment won’t last forever. It will quickly pass and I’ll be on to the next task on my to do list. But I will nonetheless sit here and praise God for a little glimpse at how He intended things to be for us. 


I challenge you to take a moment to separate yourself from this everyday mess, the mess that seems to pull us under and make us feel as though we’re almost drowning, and find rest in Him. 


Brently Snead 

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